"I believe that the therapist's function should be to help people become free to be aware of and to experience their possibilities."

~ Rollo May

Cynthia Levesque

Cynthia LevesqueMy Approach to Therapy

I specialize in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. Since EMDR became an integral part of my clinical practice, I have witnessed some of the most incredible and transformational results. This powerful therapeutic method helps clients break through some of their most deeply rooted or long-held beliefs, blocks, traumas, and challenges.

My therapeutic approach is evidence-based and trauma-informed and includes advanced approaches backed by neuroscience, attachment theory, ego state and parts work, and the mind-body connection. Sessions with my patients are change-oriented, results-driven, and time-limited. EMDR therapy can provide significant relief quickly because it identifies and resolves core issues in a focused and targeted way that can often take much longer with traditional talk therapy.

About Coeur

Coeur is the French word for heart and the root of the word courage. Engaging in this deep and personal work requires both heart and courage. Through our work together, my mission is to support you in discovering and magnifying your inner strengths, heart, and courage, and experience the fullness of what life can be when you are not held back by old learning, fears, beliefs, and painful experiences.

Clinical Excellence

I believe in clinical excellence, always. I have advanced training in trauma, attachment, addictions, and performance. I invest heavily in ongoing advanced training, education, and consultation to ensure I am always providing the highest quality experience for my clients using techniques rooted in the most current scientific and clinical knowledge.

Goodness of Fit Matters

It is essential for you to feel comfortable with your therapist and experience a solid foundation of trust for you to get the most out of our work together. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to help determine whether EMDR is the right therapeutic approach for the support you’re seeking and if we are a good fit. Your time with me is an important investment in yourself, and I want to ensure I am a good steward of your time and money. I am happy to help with referrals if we decide that another therapist or type of therapy would better suit your needs.